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PhatGirl Fitness offers support and guidance to women of color on their weight loss and wellness journeys. This youth-led digital platform provides a supportive community where women of diverse backgrounds can share their stories and find inspiration from one another. We create original content in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, and more that emphasizes the journeys and experiences of these women on their journeys.
We understand that many women can struggle with confidence, particularly in the gym and kitchen, which is why we offer safe, supportive spaces where members can ask questions and share their successes and challenges. We also provide custom meal plans and workout advice that is specific to their experiences, needs, and limitations, so that each woman's journey is catered to their individual needs.

Our mission is to change perceptions about well-being, weight loss, and personal growth by encouraging self-love. With our wide range of services, including inspiring stories, motivational content, and a range of products like custom meal plans, workout plans, healthy recipes, meditation audio tracks, and community challenges, we hope to provide women with the tools they need to pursue their goals.

Our team stands behind our mission to support women of color on their weight loss and wellness journeys. Follow our stories and join our sisterhood. Support and community are available here! Contact us to find out more or to get started on your journey today. Let us be your guiding light in the pursuit of self-love and the attainment of your wellness goals!