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Share your health and weight loss journey with us—your inspiration, the hurdles you conquered, your diet, and your exercise routines. If your story is selected, you could win something special as a token of our appreciation for inspiring others on their wellness path!


Best Health, Wellness & Fitness in Los Angeles

PhatGirl Fitness offers support and guidance to women of color on their weight loss and wellness journeys. This youth-led digital platform provides a supportive community where women of diverse backgrounds can share their stories and find inspiration from one another. We create original content in the form of ...

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Embrace Health and Self-love

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access a platform that celebrates and empowers women of color on their wellness journeys. That’s why our services go beyond coaching and workouts. We provide every individual with the personalized plan and support needed to reach their goals, in combination with ...

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Strength, Confidence, Community

We are on a mission to impact lives and change perceptions through content, products, and services uniquely tailored to women of color and their wellness journeys. We prioritize customization, taking personal factors into account when guiding individuals on their path to losing weight, building strength, ...

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